The Magic of Red Clover Books by Gretchen Garvey

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red-clover-imageI lugged the bulging sack to my car and daydreamed about sliding the contents out onto my couch and settling in for my yearly indulgence.  I had this year’s ten Red Clover books!  I felt like a seven-year old on her birthday, about to pull the wrapping paper off of my long-awaited gift!

The Vermont Children’s Choice Picture Book Award for students in grades K-4 is in its 19th year, and I urge you to take advantage of its magic.  Even if your students are too old to vote, these books are must-reads.  Reading the ten nominated books which were all published the previous year and planning activities to deepen understandings, make connections, ignite curiosity, and further inspire a love of books is a yearly favorite of mine!

This year’s nominees include a graphic romp through the forest, a record snowstorm, a century old coat, the power of stories, two poetry collections, a brilliant mouse and the curiosity of an astronomer, a most miraculous elephant seal, and a dog’s definition of friendship.

Although we can’t cast votes for our own favorite Red Clover books (and I’ve been secretly jealous), it would be close to impossible to choose.  Let’s leave it to the 5-10 year olds.  Please plan to access these gems, and share them with others in VT.

Gretchen Garvey

Shelburne Community School


Video introduction to this year’s books –

Ten Nominated Red Clover Books and Educator Resources


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