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Ignite Curiosity and Instill Confidence in Writers

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April 27 and 29


In this time of so many disruptions to their learning, we have to rethink what matters the most for our students and what is possible in these chaotic and difficult times: 

Less is More
Choice Matters
Innovation & Creativity Foster Engagement
We must anchor our work in the lives of our children.

~ Carla Espana, NYC teacher

In these two two-hour keynotes we will focus on the writing process: the framework and management of a writing workshop, as well as helping students find ideas for writing while offering them a variety of choices. 

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We are an all volunteer organization committed to offering excellent professional development in literacy to the teachers of Vermont. We have brought a host of literacy leaders to Vermont, including Lester Laminack, Katie Wood Ray, Ralph Fletcher, Penny Kittle, Marge Lipson, Barry Lane, Aimee Buckner, Timothy Rasinski, Sara Holbrook, Kathryn Au, Michael Opitz, Donalyn Miller, Gay Su Pinnell, Lucy Calkins, and most recently Jennifer Seravallo and Tanya Lee Stone!

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